Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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I've just returned from a superb week at Roxbury Camp, and felt it was about time for another blog post.
Three things God taught me last week:
1. The body of Christ is essential. Trying to be a Christian by yourself just doesn't work.
2. God doesn't always need to use explosive "I CALL YOU TO THIS" moments to point you to a place where he wants to use you; sometimes it's simply a faithful walk from one thing he puts in your path to another. If you keep waiting around for an explosion, you might be missing the quiet way he's prepared for you.
3. Don't rope Christ into a neatly set aside devotion time, Bible study, or Sunday morning. Live with him and expect him to show up to meet you all day, every day.
So, it was a most excellent week and one I hope not to forget.

Since returning I have been working on moving in to my apartment for the fall...which actually turned out to be more of an ordeal than I had originally thought.
On Saturday, when I was supposed to be moving from summer housing to fall housing, it turned out that the summer residents in my apartment weren't finished moving out; in fact, they weren't even close. Pressed for time, I asked the RAs if there was any place to put my things until they were finished. I would come back and move them on Sunday. So, they gave me a key to an apartment on the same floor and I just put everything in there. Everyone was supposed to be out by 1 pm of Saturday or be fined, so I figured, no problem, it will be definitely empty on Sunday.
What do I find when arrive on Sunday at 10:30 p.m?


 An accurate representation of my reaction

Most of the stuff was gone, but they still had furniture and trash in there, some dirty socks, and the mess...We are talking crumbs and paper all over every carpet, dirt from plants on bookshelves, crumbs on the kitchen floor, table and counters; the bathroom sink was absolutely covered in hardened soap scum and beard cuttings, the toilet had a ring of scum in it and the shower was also gross...frustrating. But, I had to move my stuff over, so I started doing that (My sister Evi was there helping me) and then at around 11, who should show up but the guy who lived there and some girls to finish moving. So they took out the couch and chair, and then left. I had work in the morning, and Evi had to drive back home early, so we got ready for bed, and then at 11:30, I heard a knock at the door and the guy was there with a vacuum and a tub of lysol wipes. He apologized for the moving out problem, and asked if then was an ok time to clean, and despite wanting to laugh bitterly at his bad timing and ill-preparation, (lysol wipes to clean an entire apartment?) I just told him that I was going to bed, but that I would leave the apartment unlocked so that he could clean. Which he did, but still left the toilet and the kitchen sink gross.

The moral of this story is...don't do this. Or if you do, at least leave a apologetic present, like a cake or something.

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