Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little memories

I don't have a big long blog post today, but have a listen to this Miss A song that I like to play when I'm feeling particularly Second Wave feministic: I Don't Need A Man.

So here are a few memories from today:

Phonics 2. I still felt pretty frustrated with Haram today, but today he did surprise me a little. We ask conversations questions at the beginning of class, and usually the Phonics 2 students always give the same memorized answers, but today Haram changed his answer and made a new one. He is the first one in the class to try doing that, so that was actually really encouraging. He still struggled a lot with writing and staying still, to the point of almost driving me nuts, but that one little improvement was exciting.

Yellow 2. I was bored of the same old conversation questions with Yellow, so I taught them the "would you rather" question format and they loved it! Even Susan, who usually doesn't love talking or thinking super creatively was excited to participate and make up hard questions for her classmates. I think we'll play again on another day too. I don't want to wear it out too fast though.

My Blue 6 was back to normal again! Well, I am still having a lot of Korean being spoken, so I think I need to start taking stamps for it, but everybody seems to be friends again after the Pancake Debacle was wrapped up. I was really impressed with their journals today too! Actually interesting, and not the same old same old that I keep getting with my Yellow class, who granted, have been writing their journals for much longer.

Tomorrow our new teacher is coming, which is super exciting! It will feel weird to not be the newest one anymore.

Well, I'm going to try to study Korean for a little while tonight, so that's all for now!

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