Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grammar Day!

Today's music is ABBA again, a song that just won't get out of my head. And we're going to listen to the Mamma Mia version because Colin Firth's voice is so delightfully nasal: Last Summer.

What's up, chicken butt? (Natalie, that's for you!)

I keep thinking that I am writing on this blog often, but I've been kind of sporadic lately. Sorry to all my devoted readers chomping at the bit. Ha!

Today is my grammar day, so other than my first class, which is Phonics, the Korean teacher gives a grammar lesson in Korean to the rest of my students, so I get to be a little lazy. Awesome!

This week has been a pretty normal teaching week...made some progress, took too long in conversation, taught a nice collection of words including "walnut shell" and "mountain tick" know, the usual. 

I feel like I am beginning to have a good idea about my students learning styles and needs. I know that Yoobin is better when she is up and doing something and that erasers distract her, and that Yoochan needs to point to words when he reads. I know that Cindy needs a little more time to think because she's quiet, and Jerry needs more time because he talks too quickly and makes mistakes. I know that Seokhee thrive with praise, and so do the Blue 4 girls. 

Maybe it's because I never had a chance to study education, but I guess I never realized that though a big part of teaching is delivering information to learners, it's also just as much about you learning. Learning to know when a head on the table means your student is tired and when it means they are sad, when the squint of an eye means they're upset and when it means they're thinking. Learning to look at your methods and say 'well that didn't work!' and being able to change them. It's tough, but it sure makes the day interesting! 

All you teachers out there, what is one valuable thing you've learned? I want your knowledge!

Community News:
* Canadian-American combo Thanksgiving Dinner this Sunday! (Sadly, it's not Dancegiving...Come on babies!) I am in charge of the mashed potatoes, which I will make after I get back from...

* TOPIK test on Sunday for me and Sarah! My test is in the morning, so I am skipping church. I am expecting to pass level 1 but am secretly hoping to get level 2 (whoops not a secret now). Tonight we're taking half of a practice test... I'm hoping to get better at the grammar and writing section ...

* We've started Downtown Abbey. Hold on to your hats and loosen those corsets, kiddos. We're in for an emotional ride, so I've been told.

* Michael's parents arrived today to visit for two weeks! Always nice to have more Canadians around.  

Recent achievements

* Finished the TOPIK Beginner Level flash card set on theory I know 866 words! in reality probably not even close to that. 

*  Finished half of the first scarf of the season! I tried a little basket weave looking pattern which may be weird for a scarf. I haven't made up my mind about how I feel about it.

Quotes from the Community:

"I sometimes think that I would die painfully because of ramen."--Yoonseo

Heather:  "Michael's parents are coming today!"
Juhee: "Oh dear...... no, I mean, Oh how happy!"

Heather: "Michael's dad has a mustache."
Yoonseo: "Good. I have a razor."

Abby: "My knee hurts suddenly."
Sarah: "Is the pain acute?
Anna: "Is it obtuse?"

Recently heard in the classroom

Joy: "Which do you like better, surgery or vultures?"
Hyesu: "I don't like either."

"Teacher your hair is so pretty! Cut and give me."--Susan the cute-but-also-sometimes-creepy-by-accident student.

Thanks for reading!


  1. "The cute-but-also-sometimes-creepy-by-accident student" - hahahaha I love it!

  2. Good words of wisdom and truth for teachers! Half that stuff can't be learned when studying education, anyway, in my experience... it is learned by experience.

  3. LOVE the susan quote. one time she said to me: "teacher, i want to live with you. i will sleep under bed and wait." not cool, not cool.

  4. Loving Yoonseo's quote. Hope you guys have just the best best best thanksgiving!