Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Warm fuzzies

Because this is how I'm currently feeling, take a listen to this short but sweet classic from The Muppets Take Manhattan: Together Again.

This is it people. Soon all the pals are in the same building again. It is going to be fun times, let me tell you. I'm not loving the whole-moving-before-and-after-work deal, but it's less stressful this time because of less stuff and knowing that it's the last time for a while. Also, it can be a lot of fun too.

I  realized that this past Saturday marked the end of 5 months here for me. I suppose it would be cooler and more impressive to make note of 6 months, but for me it's kind of big because it's officially the longest I've lived outside of the U.S. Study abroad at Oxford was just shy of 4 months, so I suppose I should be experiencing all kinds of new emotions and thoughts since now I'm into uncharted territory. 

I guess it's a little surprising then that I really haven't had any "batten down the hatches" moments. Maybe they're coming yet, but the only thing that seems different is that things don't feel as different. It just feels like living. Somehow that's more of a milestone for me anyway. To realize that slowly you've put down enough roots in a place that a mildly strong wind isn't going to knock you down. 

On the teaching side of things, I don't have anything much different from last week to report, but here's a little anecdote. I always tell my 6:30 class on Storybook days the number of different voices they need to have to encourage expressive reading. We're working through Thumbelina these days, so as usual, I gave them the lowdown:

Me: "Ok we're ready to read! remember, you need four different voices: Mouse voice, Thumbelina voice, Bird voice and reading voice ."

Grace: "'The Mole wants to marry you,' says the mouse. 'You need new clothes.'

Joochan: "The next day Thumbelina looks out....says the reading voice." 

Guess which part of that last sentence wasn't in the book. What a goober.

We finished moving for the final time this morning! It feels good to be finished with that, but I will say that though it makes for a pretty tiring day of teaching afterwards, so far I have very fond memories of moving because it feels good to work together, and usually hilarious things happen. Personal favorite from today was Yoonseo carrying the green couches to their final resting place on his head. Picture a giant green square with tiny little feet shuffling along towards the recycling pile. Also the fridge leaking a bunch of water as the guys loaded it on the lift, then Yongjin yelling "The baby is coming!"

But actually, the baby is coming. Seriously excited for little Aurie to arrive in the next couple weeks! Prayers appreciated for her safe arrival and for Karen and Jae and Lomie. Also lots of prayer for Sangmin, the CO from church. He called the police yesterday to inform them he was not going to obey his military service summons and so has started the process of going to jail instead. 

This place and these people give me some serious warm fuzzies.
Recently Achieved

* Finally finished The Brothers K. Please everyone and their mother read it. Best book I've read this year.

*Finished that scarf! And still unsure about the successfulness of that pattern. 

Recently Not Achieved:

* Hitting any baseballs properly at the batting cages. Apparently reading novels about baseball doesn't translate into any actual skills. Shucks.

Quotes from the Community

"Maybe the Omega 3 pills I am taking will give me an advantage!" --Anna's thoughts on No-Shave November: Legs Edition.

"One time I was going through my things and found a piece of my umbilical cord!" --Kaia

"Coji and antique-y."--Yoonseo's vision for the new apartment.

"Why do we have so many refrigerators?!"--Yongjin speaks what all of us are wondering.

Quotes from the Classroom

"Oh help!" says the big girl. The big boy flips her dress." --Joy's semi-sketchy homework sentence.

"My father is hairy because he is man."--Andrew's homework sentence.

"'Find something heavy.' Abby teacher?" --Cindy 

Thanks for reading!

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