Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Remember Remember the 6th of November

Today was a super day for various reasons, so why not remember it? I am resisting big time putting a Christmas song as my blog music, since I am currently listening to Sleeping At Last's fantabulous Christmas album right at this moment, but instead I'll give you some more Rooftop Moonlight (옥상달빛), my favorite song by them: 수고했어 오늘도. 

This past Friday we had our Thanksgiving party at Connexus. It involved making turkey hands (classic...and kind of cliche in the USA maybe, but not here woohoo!) and eating a motherload of snacks. I was seriously feeling like a beached whale by the end of of the day. We also had some awesome decorations--tons of paper leaves and a gorgeous table arrangement created by Karen and Kaia. It was so much more fun than doing some Halloween thing which is the expected thing to do in English hagwons. I made some sweet autumn paper cuttings too (basically paper snowflakes but with some leaf designs in them).  Sometime soon I will post photos...I need to switch the hard drive in this computer to the one from my old one so that I can edit them up a bit. 

What else is up? I've been laughing a lot in my classes lately. My students have been so hilarious. My 6:30 class in particular is too much fun. We started a new storybook this month, the Fisherman and his Wife, and they love reading the book with crazy voices. This time their magic fish prince voices and Fisherman's voices were too good. The fish was sounded like he had egg in his throat and the Fisherman sounded like a sultry woman. 

I've also started being a little firmer on some of my classes. Two of my phonics babies were kind of  crazy today and wouldn't stop playing with each other when it wasn't their turn to answer, so I made them sit separately right in the middle of class. I felt like a little bit of a jerk, but they got the message and were well-behaved the rest of class. 

In the God department, I'm learning to trust more, learning patience and learning to cancel fear...I've realized that I've let fear prevent me from growing in a lot of areas in the past, and I don't want it to shape the decisions I make in the future. So here's to being brave with Jesus! 

Things are good :-) Seems almost like the new year is here. 

Community News:

* Severe lack of Aurie...come on baby!!! I want to meet you so bad!

* Seriously detailed Connexus video in the works. It is going to be hilarious and awesome.

Recently Watched:

* Captain Philips. I cried. Bottom line? Everything wasn't going to be ok, Irish.

* Downton Abbey season 2 episode 7. Branson and Sybil 4eva. 

Recently tried:
* Hot Grapefruit juice/tea. So good!

Quotes from the community:

"Wow Michael, good thing you have go-go gadget arms!"-Heather

"People returning to their burps is so much better than dogs returning to their vomit." --Kaia.

Quotes from the classroom:

Cindy: "If you were an elephant, what would you do?"
Eileen: "I would eat Connexus."

Me: "What do you see in the picture?"
Hyesu: *points to a character's butt* "Teacher! so big!"
Me: ......."so it is..."

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So I finally had some time to read this. Hahah, I'm just hearing your voice again of the Fisherman. And the character's butt...hahahah! I love your stories :)