Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nearly half-past November

There are few bands that sound more November-y than Sleeping At Last, so this time the blog music is a current favorite by them: Needle and Thread. 

It is beginning to get seriously chilly here people. The leaves are making one last effort to hang on to the trees this week, but I think they will give up after we hit the third week of November. I'll miss them, but I am getting so excited for Christmas that I'm sure that will distract me.

It's hard to feel too sad or wistful these days for me, even if my favorite season is ending. Not only has Aurie finally made an entrance, but as many of you already know, I snagged a pretty great boyfriend, Yoonseo Park. It would take far too long to describe his good points, so I'll just reassure you all that he is kind, thoughtful, and hilarious; the very best of eggs. I appreciate your prayers for us!

This week is a fun one at Connexus because of prep for the filming of our Christmas video. Each class chose something to perform or introduce on film and we will compile the clips of all of them in one big video to show at our Christmas party. My Phonics babies will be singing part of their alphabet song, Blue 5 will perform a scene from The Magic Cooking Pot, Yellow 7 will introduce five members of the Connexus staff, Blue 6 will talk about what they like at Connexus, and Green 2 will perform a puppet show rendition of a scene from The Fisherman And His Wife. I'm pretty pumped to have something to show everyone that shows a little bit of the Connexus classrooms. I also can't wait to see the bloopers. Nothing like a good blooper reel. 

Outside of teaching, I've been knitting up a storm...Christmas is coming and presents must be made! I've nearly run out of yarn though...time to make another trip to Dongdaemun.

I have also been thinking a bit about wisdom. I'm reading James these days, and chapter 3 talks a bit about what God-style wisdom is like: pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. That's a pretty extensive list...kind of like reading Galatians  5:22-23 and realizing you're quite a few cherries short of the fruit salad. The one that really has been sticking out to me these days is "considerate." My style is to go with what seems like the most practical or logical decision, but that isn't always the most considerate one. I want to become better at watching and considering the needs and feelings of other people when I act and make decisions. 

Well, take a look at these little tidbits as well:

Community News:

* AURIE IS HERE. She is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. No joke. She also looks so much like Lomie...The Cute-O-Meter in this place is off the charts.

* The Teacher's Office is an icebox. Even the KOPI office which has no official heating is warmer with its space heaters. Fingerless gloves 주주.

* Me and Sarah's TOPIK results come out in two-ish weeks... yipes!

Quotes from the Community:

"I really love this chemical combination!" --Sarah's thoughts about McDonalds non-dairy ice cream cones.

"I'm just deciding what I want to do with my life. Give me a second." ---Kate

"I kind of like the way leg hair glitters in the sunlight!"--Anna

"Our anthem is too slow...we need like a hip hop one: 'We had a war, we had a war, 1950, June 25, now we still hate each other.....Shoot.'" --Yoonseo's idea for improving Korea's National Anthem.

Quotes from the Classroom:

Joy: "Teacher my mom say you are Sexy Baby! Face is baby, body is sexy!" 
Abby: "................tell your mom I say thank you.....?" 

Abby: "What are they eating?"
Jerry: "Stew and fish and bread and water and air and water vapor."
Abby: "........yep."

Thanks for reading!



  1. I am seriously loling at all these quotes. look forward to them every blog! Happy, happy, happy things going on over there, Abby ssi... soak it in. Thinking of you all !

  2. Okay, the quotes get me all the time...Sexy Baby!!! Hahahahahhahaha!!!!