Friday, September 3, 2010

At The Vines

Hullo hullo hullo!

 I apologize in advance for any incoherency. I am so jet-lagged right now I can't believe it.
Flight over was pretty good; Natalie and I watched How To Train Your Dragon, which I highly recommend to any one. I did not sleep a wink, though I tried. I normally am not able to sleep anyway, but any attempts that I made this trip were thwarted by a loverly pair of unaccompanied minors behind me who decided to was a good idea to talk loudly all the time even when everyone around them was trying to sleep and the lights were all off. Oh and also kick my seat. And also drink as many beverages as their annoying stomachs could hold. I swear I heard them open somewhere near six cans of soda. Maybe that' an exaggeration, but it seemed like a lot. So no sleep for me. But that is ok, because now I am here!
Heathrow was uneventful...the customs people there scare me to death, but the only comment I received was the woman's disbelief at the high tuition cost for the program. "Who pays this bill? do you pay this? That is a lot of money!"
Alas and alack, I know it too well, customs agent lady.
We took the coach bus to Oxford, it was a 90 minute ride. There was some really nice scenery and quaint houses, but I think it was wasted on me, since I was kind of in a haze. I did see a half-timbered McDonalds though, which was pretty stylin', and also a man riding his bicycle beside the highway with a basket and Farmer Hogget (Babe reference everyone) cap. I didn't get a really close look at him, but he may have even been wearing overalls or something awesome like that. There were also two German fellows a few rows back in the bus, and the were quite talkative, so I got to listen to German the whole ride, which was fun, especially since one of them had a very deep voice and kind of sounded like Mufasa. I've only had one beginner's German class, so I couldn't pick out much, but they did talk about the number five, or words that had the word five attached to them a lot.

Then we hauled our luggage from the bus stop to The Vines. In reality, it is a very short walk, but today, with my arms done for after dragging the luggage through the airport on top of no sleep, it felt like three billion miles. I was so close to cussing a swear and crying at the same time. But I powered through, because I felt like maybe scholars should be a little more couth than that. Also the only other option was sleeping in the lane on the ground, soo..yeah. I made it to The Vines.

Well, that's all for now! I guarantee that all my posts will not be this long, so consider this one a special treat.
Tinkety Tonk!


  1. glad you arrived safely! Hope you get over the jet lag quickly though, that's absolutely no fun! Miss you lots but can't wait to hear some of your adventures!

  2. sounds like soon everything will be ooga cum spiff. However, you won't be studying Wodehouse, so perhaps I should brush up on my Shakespeareisms.