Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy busy busy

Sorry that I haven't been updating...I have been focusing on writing my first case study paper for the British Landscapes course. I am writing on Robin Hood, which has proved pretty interesting, but a little nerve-wracking simply because I don't know a ton about him, nor did I have much time to research. I am definitely more knowledgeable about the subject now though, I'm just afraid that though my paper has a lot of citations and that sort of thing, I still feel like a fake scholar, because I wasn't able to read thoroughly all my sources, I only skimmed, and I'm afraid that whoever reads it will notice that. On the surface it might look like a well researched essay, but in reality it is a fraud!
Oh well, as our Senior members told us in orientation, "Oxford is a place where your best isn't good enough." It think that was supposed to make us feel better, like we should be expecting not to do as well as we thought, so we shouldn't feel too bad, it's a normal thing, but in reality, that little phrase just kind of discourages me and tempts me to turn in second rate stuff, since my best isn't going to do any better. Oh well. First weeks are always the hardest, right?

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  1. Abby, it just shows you that under the sun we have nothing to boast about, because there is always something/someone better, one can't be best at all things. Somewhere in the world there is someone who has and will write the BEST Robin Hood paper that will/has ever been written, but that MAY be the ONLY thing that person is/will be best at ! By the way English major "I'm just afraid that thought" should be "I'm just afraid that though" -I think. ;)

    Also , maybe you can learn why I have this major consistent error of always putting "their" instead of "there". I had to correct both their/theres in this comment before I posted it. (I have this psycho-analytical theory that my personality is so person vs. place/object oriented that I "think" in terms of "people" instead of "inanimate things". Just musing......