Saturday, September 4, 2010


So, we slept in until 9 this morning, then after some devotions and breakfast, a group of us headed town to the city center. It's about a 35 minute walk from The Vines, but it was a nice day and we were ready to see the city.
Well, I'm not much of a city person, but it turns out that Oxford isn't much like the cities I've been used to. I'll sum it up in this: the majority of our walk was through wooded parks and along bike paths through fields that had cows in them. But even the city part was great; large portions that we were walking in were pedestrian only, and there are so many awesome little shops. There are also awesome big shops, like Blackwell's book had 4 floors! I bought international stamps, a blank paged note book for mine is all used up and gave 50 pence to a street juggler. Then at two we returned to The Vines for a barbecue with the kids from the Crick road housing. It was a lot of fun, very delicious and we played a great, chaotic game of soccer in the garden. the area was only a bit bigger than the multipurpose room at church (longer I think, but not too much wider) and we had 22 people playing. It was fantastic, and  I scored a goal while cherry picking.
Now I am sweaty and muddy-footed but very happy.
Well, I think I'll go downstairs and have some tea! tinkety tonk!

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