Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday recap and Monda: First day of British Landscapes course

Hey, sorry I missed yesterday. Quick recap, we went to church at this great church called Emmanuel, you can check out their web site. Around 160-200 members, so not that big, though they said that they grow a bit when the semester starts and the students return. Such friendly people and the sermons were very rooted in scripture, which I really appreciated. It was geared sort of more toward the young adult age, though they have a good number of middle aged and older there are well, so the opportunity for mentoring is there. They are praying for more families with children though, so join with them! In the afternoon we had tea at the Crick road house, which was super fun. We played some fantastic games of ninja and steal the bacon. Then return to vines and bed.

Today we were up early and out of the house by 8:10 to go to Wycliffe hall for orientation and meeting the rest of the staff. The other "Senior members" (as we are to call the staff; we are junior members) are really nice. We had lunch there and then began our first bit of the British Landscapes course which was a great history video done by Simon Schama about the history of Britain. If you are into history and aren't bored by documentary type stuff, I totally recommend it! it was extremely well done and littered with great Britishisms too. I really enjoyed it. We then had a photo scavenger hunt contest where we broke up into teams and had to take group photos in front of certain places in the city, mostly all places that we will be visiting often, to help us get used to navigating the city. If we got all 8 spots, we were eligible to enter our photos in the contest to win either Most British Photo, Most American Photo, Funniest Photo, or Nicest/Best Photo. My team was great, and I had a lot of fun. I'm not sure if we will win anything, but it was worth it to walk around the city and take photos.
Well, I have to take a shower and I absolutely MUST make more headway on Cymbeline, so toodle pip! Tomorrow is my first day cooking for my food group, so I'll fill you all in about that after it happens.
EDIT: I forgot to say, I learned how to play Rook today! I like it a lot. I pretty much stink at it, but it is very fun.

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  1. Hullo! Sounds awesome-possums Abs!

    I'm packing and getting ready like mad!