Thursday, September 9, 2010

in a rush...

Just have a few minutes to dash this off. Yesterday we had some orientation/Simon Schama movie, and were supposed to have our first seminar in English, but apparently we were supposed to have read three books a head of time, but the lists weren't given to us until we got here, and we didn't have library access until today, so it was canceled until tuesday. I was able to register at the English faculty library, and get books out for my first essay for British Lanscapes, which will be on Robin Hood. I was getting antsy having something due and not being able to start research on it. It has to be 2,000 words and is due thursday (not today, but a week from now). I am a little nervous about it, because it is to be written in the British style, but I figure if I accidentally bomb the first essay, there are a lot more for me to make up for it with! Well, I have to grab breakfast and get out the door. Field trip to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Old Sarum today! yippeee!!!

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