Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is blowing in

The air is cooler, the leaves are slowly, slowly starting to favorite season is coming! This instrumental piece from Busker Busker's new album expresses my feelings exactly: Autumn Night.

I got some sad news this morning, that my favorite student Jack (Yoohan) will be leaving Connexus. Friday is his last day. He is switching schools so that he has the opportunity to play on a school soccer team, because he's very good at pretty much every sport ever. I've never had the pleasure of teaching a more diligent, kind, respectful or flexible student than him. Stuck in a class with three girls that are really silly and sometimes even mean to him, he has never once been a stinker. So here's to you Jack! Thanks for making my job a joy, buddy! Wow getting teary-eyed all of a sudden. It's the teacher feels.

Today me and Sunghyun made some pretty bangin' pumpkin soup, which I improvised off of this recipe: Easy Pumpkin Soup. I used less milk, and instead of chicken stock, which is hard to find here, I made a broth with lots of salt, pepper, curry and nutmeg. I also left the potatoes out of two of the pots and made the soup have a more unadulterated pumpkin taste. The one with the potato was also awesome, but I think out of the two I preferred the just pumpkin. I also WAY overshot with how much of the soup my ingredients would make. As in, two full pots of soup leftover. Not that I'm complaining...dinner tonight 주주.

Last night me and Heather and Michael and Yoonseo went to see Blue Jasmine, the new Woody Allen film. So good! It reminded me A Streetcar Named much so that I really want someone to write a comparison paper on the two of them. Again, less about plot and more about human interaction and identity and all that deep stuff. Loved the end--nice and abrupt.

Community News:

* One of the church members at Grace and Peace, Sangmin, after receiving his draft notice for the mandatory military service effective in Korea, is making the hard decision of being a conscientious objector. This means that instead of doing something that conflicts with his faith, he will serve around a year term in jail and will have a permanent criminal record, making getting a decent job very difficult. It will also be very hard on his family, particularly his mother who will most likely get a lot of flak from her in-laws and husband, who will view his decision as partly her fault as a parent. Please pray for Sangmin and his family! Mention him to your churches too. I think it will be encouraging for him to know that anabaptist churches around the world are praying for him and supporting him. His draft date is October 29.

* WIFI IS COMING TO OUR APARTMENT ON WEDNESDAY. Thank the sweet Lord and Yoonseo.

* Thursday is staff retreat! We are supposedly going to a really nice pension with some really pretty reeds nearby. It will be short, but a nice time.

* This past Friday was an awesome game day thanks to the great planning of Heather! We played rock, papers, scissors tournament, blanket name game, and animal team charades. I took some videos :-)

* The Christmas Food Document has been created. It may or may not be mostly dessert so far.

* Bye bye to the Connexus van! we handed it over last night to my host father who will drive it to KAC for us. We'll miss that bucket of bolts, especially when we have to walk to work in the winter when there aren't KOPI cars for us to ride in.

Recent Accomplishments:

* Finished The Aquariums of Pyongyang, which I highly recommend. Memoir of a man who spent 10 years in a work camp in North Korea. Think One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich only it's a decade and about three times as horrible. Now on to The Brothers K!

* I've now driven the i30 (which so far is not a lemon afterall) twice and haven't crashed. I have also turned left at a red light several times which is normal here, as is going through red lights if no one is coming. Better not keeps those habits coming back to the states....

* Successfully transferred money to the U.S. and made a budget using the EEBA app on my ipod! Hopefully I stick to it...

Short one today guys! thanks for reading!

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