Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yarn, Haircuts, Hangul museum

Today's blog music is a little Bon Iver because the fall weather is coming and Bon Iver is autumn-y to me. Just a little cover of an Adele song: I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time.

Saturday Kate, Heather and I made a maiden voyage to the sewing/yarn/whatever you could possible want to make anything place in Dongdaemun. It was surprisingly easy to find the place, but finding what you needed inside was another story. It felt a bit like like On the Road Books in Waynesboro, but instead of the shelves of books, it was tiny little booths squished together with walls of yarn and fabric. It was a fiber art fantasy world. I even felt an urge to weave.

We bought some super yarn for Christmas projects, and one ahjumma gave us two pairs of circular needles as free service. What a dealio.

We came home for a movie tent party on the roof (too wet by the river) where we drank some Cass and rolled all our yarn into balls and watched half of Before Midnight. So impressed by the one shot takes for the the conversation scenes in the movie. I have seen few films with conversation scenes that feel as natural.

We went back into Seoul that evening to meet Yuko for dinner and walk along the lit canal path which of course I forget the name's close to the King Sejong statue. So chill and pretty, even with hoards of couples perched on every surface. I suppose when there are few "romantic spots" in a city, they get filled up quickly.

Community News:
*Kate got a haircut and became even cuter if that was even possible.
*We started watching Sherlock all together and it is too good. How did I go so long without seeing it?
*Tuesday Kipper and Veronica are buying us pizza for lunch. Perfect. Students.
*We rearranged the cooking schedule, so today Sarah and I will be cooking partners for the last time. You might think we would cook something special but no, it's spaghetti. Keeping the lazy Monday cooking alive.

Recent Achievements:
*Beat level 65. Yes, I used one of the lollipop helper things. I wasn't about to be stuck on it for 2 months like Mom.
*Kept my planned hangout time with people from my group at the retreat! Hangul museum and Jjim Dak (찜 닭) for dinner. Too delicious. The museum was small, but was really fascinating. I came to the conclusion that King Sejong is the bomb.

Coming week plans:
* Last dinner with Yuko tonight :-(
* Tuesday night leaving for Gangneung, Yoonseo (윤서)'s hometown for Chuseok.
* Sherlock is happening sometime during the weekend.

In reading news, The Man Who Was Thursday is starting to suck me in...It was taking a little bit to get into it but now it's going in full throttle...just like Luke Skywalker.

Happy Monday everyone!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I can't believe you powered through level 65, how does the lollipop thing work???I am going nuts!!!!