Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today's music is a little ABBA because we were listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack in Yoonseo's car last night: The Winner Takes it All.

It's a really rainy Friday here today. We're making deviled eggs as the cooking activity, but we're changing the name to picnic eggs so that we can talk about different picnic customs. We're kind of thinking that the kids might not like them, but who cares, I am so pumped to eat deviled eggs today!

Naturally we had to buy a stinkload of eggs this morning, and naturally we forgot a 100 won piece for the shopping cart and had to carry them all. Also naturally, it began to rain hard as we were walking back with arms full of eggs and no way to carry an umbrella. Five stars for us in the "Prepared and Thinking Ahead" department. But now we're inside and dry so it's ok.

I am feeling sleepy today.

Good news: Luca won Master Chef. Now we need a new cooking show to watch.

Weekend plans:
Buying Yarn in Dongdaemun
Possible Tent Party By Han River Depending on Weather
Some Kind of Delicious Dinner
First Episode of Downtown Abbey While Knitting
Kate's Haircut On Sunday
Organizing My Shelf

If I write those all in caps they sound like possible book titles. Sure to be bestsellers.
That reminds me of my

To Read Book List
The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan, Pierre Rigoulot 
The Brothers K by David James Duncan
This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (yes don't judge I haven't read it yet...the movie coming out about him looks fantastic)

I'm also still reading through that little book on restorative's actually really interesting and kind of makes me want to write a paper. That's the residual English major flaring up...whenever I read something that is thought provoking or intriguing I get the itch to write a paper, but I'm long enough out of college that I never follow through. Thank goodness. Wouldn't want to be too industrious or anything.

Just kidding one of these days I'm going to do it.

Anyway, reading it I was reminded of the civics course my mom often teaches in highschool (Whatever Happened to Justice) and the flaws the current system has, especially when it comes to victims. I'm not sure any sort of system is going to ever perfectly address the needs of victims and offenders, because that's a job for Jesus, but I'm really resonating with the ideas brought up in this book. It's really short, like 74 pages, so would be an easy read for anyone curious.

Recently Read in Student Journals:

From Cindy's August 30 journal:
"Today was a class president election day. And my class mate is said ' I think Cindy is can do a good class president!' and I do a election. So I do a class president! I'm so happy. I want to do a good class president. Today is a happy day!"[sic]

Today's lunch was made by Kate and Anna and was a ginger pork bulgogi served with rice and gently grilled tofu. Please be jealous because it was out of this world delicious. I didn't take a picture of it though, what a mistake.

And there is sangria in the fridge at home.

Happy Weekend!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hermana! I like the new format too :)

    1. I think "Buying Yarn in Dongdaemun" would be a good chapter title for Little House in Korea, and "Kate's Haircut On Sunday" reminds me of a chapter heading for those short children's chapter books, like a Beverly Cleary Ramona book or something.
    2. I want to read The Catcher In The Rye too, however my book list is immense and this semester is proving difficult to have any free time for anything other than sleeping :(
    3. That's the most adorable journal entry. Tell Cindy I said good luck!
    4. STAHP. Now I'm hungry.

    Anyways, te echo de menos (I miss you)!

  2. kate is cutting her hair THIS WEEKEND? megapics, pleazuh!

    also: enjoy the downton. AMAZING.

    p.s. do you like how i'm commenting rather than just "liking?"