Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some more of daily life

Today's music is a song that Heather shared with us and I like a lot! The Wind by Cat Stevens.

Here are just some little daily somethings.

Thursday in devotions we all shared about things that give us was a great time to learn more about each other and also hear ways to help people recharge when they need too. Mine were reading and listening to music. Karen made awesome raisin muffins with honey, which were also a source of energy!

Music I've been listening to lately:
Jon Foreman
Rooftop Moonlight (옥상달빛)
Simon and Garfunkel
Kim Kwang Suk
Big Bang
The Weepies

Books I've been reading lately:
The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton
The Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr
The Little Red Hen, Lownu Mends the Sky, The Shoemaker and Elves, The Princess and the Frog. (ㅋㅋㅋ Storybook class reads).

Recent acheivements: 
I am on level 63 of Candy Crush.
I now finally have a bank account.
I got a 93% on the reading section of a practice TOPIK beginner level test.

News in the community:
We put tp holders in in the 5th floor/4th floor bathroom and are stocking it, so no more bringing a handful with you from the office. (so exciting right??? but for real. It is. Don't judge.) I know I'm going miss zinging out a length of it from the roll in the lobby in front of the students during breaks... NOT.

The teacher's office, now vacated by KOPI staff is so quiet and sometimes lonely. KOPI staff if you're are reading, please come and visit us! Feel free to bring presents too.

The Toybox is still on my desk. It currenty contains all my change, handfuls of candy from the bank that Yoonseo took, a wooden block that came from who knows where, and a blue dry erase marker.

Anna's peanutbutter container is still on the shelf. Also we found those japanese dolls you left there too. Maybe I will put them in the toybox.

Recent Photos:
What happens when Kate and I comb our hair when it's dry. BEAUTY GODDESSES.

                                   Guess which desk is mine? My college roommates know......

Recently heard in the classroom:

Susan: Teacher when I heard Lomie will be half Korean half American I thought her face would be like this *mimes splitting her face like Two-Face.*

Me: You must have been surprised to see her for real then.

Eileen: Cindy, would you rather swim in a giraffe's stomach or in the ugly queen's stomach?

Cindy: I would rather swim in a giraffe's stomach, because it is big and I can swim well.


Thanks for reading!

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