Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Well, vacation is over and we're back to school, so how about a little Bang & Zelo with Never Give Up. Korean rap over a clock chime theme with some gospel choir too. "I'm back in the school, back back in the school!" Luuuv it.

So, on our way back from Chuseok, we got the news that instead of the end of October as we had thought, we were actually going to be moving the coming week. Welcome home, vacation is OVER.

Just kidding, it’s actually a really great thing, because our new living arrangements are sooo nice. We’re now living five people to a large and spacious three-bedroom apartment, with actual counters in the kitchen and two bathrooms! We are spread among three different floors instead of all being on the same one, which will be different and mean we have to work harder to visit each other, but I think it’s going to be sweet overall. That’s the main update, really. Needless to say, we have been super pooped, doing heavy moving and cleaning before work every morning and evening so far this week. We have to be completely out by Wednesday night. Actually, it’s only the single female teachers who are moving now. Heather and Michael and the KOPI men will follow at the end of the month as planned. The landowner needs to rent our rooms sooner while there are people looking for places in the fall, so he asked if we could free up a few rooms as soon as possible, since we were planning on leaving anyway.

Other Community News:
  • Juhee is here training as the new Korean teacher and manager. We chatted yesterday all together in the office about how we can improve the kids’ experience and make the most of the curriculum. I think she is going to be an awesome fit for Connexus. She also will be my new cooking partner along with Sunghyun.
  • We don’t have internet at the new apartment yet. I am surviving by drafting blog posts on Microsoft Word and playing Candy Crush.
  • Hyunho’s last day as driver is Saturday, and Sunny’s last day as Korean teacher is Monday. Sarah Jill also will be starting her new teaching job at another hagwon soon, so she won't be around as much. We’re going to miss them!
  • Thursday is Sunghyun’s first lecture for KOPI. Say a prayer for him!
  • Yoonseo’s beloved i30 is possibly a lemon? Say it ain’t so! The mirror started smoking of all things, and now the horn doesn’t work. Greatest of sympathies, 부원장님.
  • Kate and I fixed a drawer using glue and exacto knives and hammers and nails. I think we are maybe grown-ups now.
Recent Community Quotes:
  • “I’m really into mom blogs!” –Michael
  • 조지오! 화장실 하나 주세요!” –Heather
  • “When almond dies…then it is diamond.”—Myeongseo
  • “Good job. 좋은 직업.” –Yoonseo.
  • “I’m having PMS. Is that the right way to say it?” –Yoonseo.
  • Kaia: “I like your swiping motion." Sarah: “Thank you. Is it pretty sexy?”
  • On McDonalds food: “It’s sitting heavy, but it’s sitting good.” –Heather.
  • “Can you help me? Nevermind, I’m strong.” –Michael
  • “Sometimes I feel like certain types of garbage on my desk makes me look cool.” –Anna
  • "I'm crushing on Mamma Mia these days." --Yoonseo
What I'm listening to lately:
* Busker Busker's NEW ALBUM!!!! So freaking good.
* Frank Sinatra still

Recently Heard in the classroom:
Susan: "Abby, would you rather live with five Eileens or with five cats?"
Abby: "I think...Five cats definitely."
Jack: "But teacher....Poop!"

Cindy:" Jack would you rather live with a thousand centipedes, or a thousand snails on your body?"
Jack: "I would rather live with centipedes.
Cindy: "Why?"
Jack: "Because not on body and I can kill.
Cindy: "They are in your room."
Jack: "I can kill."
Susan: "A thousand?"
Jack: "Dynamite."

Thanks for reading!


  1. "Dynamite." Should have tried that with the mildew at the last house I lived in ;)

  2. this post gave me mega lolz! loving the community quotes and hearing about the new living sounds awesomepossum. i am in connexus withdrawal and the community news is really doin it for me. thanks for the awesome blog-keeping, abby-ssi!!